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    • There's No Such Thing as a Safe Suntan with Melanoma Survivor Jess Van Zeil

      Best selling author of her book Eye Won, resilience expert, coach, speaker and melanoma survivor Jess Van Zeil is on the podcast with an important reminder leading into summer that there is no such thing as a safe suntan! At the age of 21, Jess had a decision to make, lose her eye or lose her life to the relentless melanoma. She thought she had won until they realised it had returned to her brain. After emergency brain surgery she had to learn to walk and move freely again. This is her story. Listen Below! Or on your favourite podcast app including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. In this beautiful chat with Jess, we talk about: How damaging and even life-threatening societies beauty standards can be How important it is to diversify your social media Jess's PATCH Method Mind shifts for building resilience Focusing on the good Turning failures into lessons Transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk Finding positive friends and mentors And of course, how to stay safe in the sun Find Jess Learn more about Jess's story here. Jess's Best Selling Book Eye Won Instagram @jessvanzeil About Jess Jess Van Zeil is a survivor with a positive attitude. At 21 Jess was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer. For eight months everything seemed to be moving along easily and it looked like we had beaten it with a few localised surgeries. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse, and in the space of 2 months, Jess went from being given the all-clear to being told that cancer had returned so aggressively that she had two options either remove the eye and close over the eye socket for good or give in to it and have less than five years to live. "I realised I really could do anything I put my mind to! From there I spent the next 7 months in and out of the hospital, on treatment and learning to walk and eventually run again. It was an emotional journey filled with a lot of frustration but every day I focused on being grateful, for the people around me, the opportunities I have been given and the life I have lived." Powerfully positive, ridiculously resilient Jess is now shifting her focus to help others to realise that there is always a positive to be found in every situation no matter how bad it may seem at the time. Jess says "my life has changed dramatically since I pursued a career as a speaker at the start of 2016. I am still faced with hurdles but my scans have consistently shown that the cancer has been stable and unchanged since I started treatment in October." "We can’t change the hand we have been dealt but we can certainly change the way we deal with it. I’m living my life to the fullest by being powerfully positive and ridiculously resilient." - Jess Van Zeil Getting a suntan Getting a tan means there has been an increase in skin pigment, called melanin, which causes the tan colour change in your skin which is a sign of damage. The FDA warns there is no such thing as a safe tan. Click here to learn more about the risks of tanning. Jess is a Stage IV Ocular Melanoma Survivor and says "every time you lay our in the sun you increase your risk of skin cancer and melanoma. Need we go on?" Seriously though, do you really need any more convincing? Access our Free Confidence Boosting Resources As a confidence coach, I wanted to create several FREE resources that will get you on your way to boosting your confidence today! — Gain Instant Access — Work With Me #bodydiversity #confidence #confidencecoach #bodyimage #resilience #personaldevelopment #sunsafety

    • Confidence Feels Like Sh*t with Erika Cramer aka The Queen of Confidence

      I am still in shock that Erika Cramer aka The Queen of Confidence is this week's podcast guest. I have so much gratitude for our community and opportunities like these to chat to someone I've admired for so long. Erika is an international confidence coach, 5-star podcast host and now the best-selling author of her book Confidence Feels like Sh*t. In this episode, we're discussing the truth about confidence and what it really takes to create it. Listen Below! Or on your favourite podcast app including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more! 🎉 GIVEAWAY 🎉 Go in the running to WIN a copy of Erika's Best Selling Book 'Confidence Feels Like Sh*t'. CLICK HERE TO ENTER! @bybrookelindsay & @thequeenofconfidence Connect with Erika Order Erika's book Confidence Feel's Like S*it here: he Confidence Chronicles Podcast: Instagram: In today's episode we discuss: Erika's journey to becoming a confidence coach, 5-star podcast host and now best-selling author! Dealing with grief Practising self-love and acceptance Confronting your ego How to genuinely connect with others and build your community How to become a coach How to juggle family, kids and running your business without financial stress How to overcome a breakup and more! About Erika Cramer Erika connects with an engaged global community (The Sistahood) and shares with tens of thousands of women on a daily basis to help empower, encourage and inspire them to step into their confidence. But it hasn’t always been this way. Having survived many traumatic experiences in her youth, Erika spent a number of years searching for love, peace and validation in all the wrong places. She has survived childhood sexual abuse, being brought up in and out of the foster care system, life-altering car accidents and a whole lot of grief and loss. In the last decade or so, she has been able to turn her life around from one of hopelessness and pain to one of passion, growth and success, after going on her own powerful journey of personal healing. An international confidence coach, Erika also hosts a five-star-rated podcast, The Confidence Chronicles, which is in the top 10 of the Australian Apple charts for Mental Health, with 800,000+ downloads and counting, and listeners in 60+ countries. She has created a six-figure global business from absolutely nothing, by mentoring and helping those who have suffered similar life experiences as her own. Erika’s story is one of triumph over adversity and she is full of light, laughter and of course, confidence. Erika is a beaming and beautiful example of how you can heal your personal story to transform trauma into triumph. Confidence feels like sh*t! When asked about her book and what it truly means to be confident, Erika replied "people seem to think we should just wish we were more confident and all our problems will go away. People wonder why the confident women over there, is so confident? It must be something that they're drinking or eating or that they're special." "Confident people are the popular ones, the pretty and thin ones. NO! Anybody who I love and look up to, I know for a fact that they doubt themselves. I know that Beyonce questions if she's good enough. I know that Oprah thinks "is what I did good?" Even Tony Robbins! Everybody experiences what you're experiencing around insecurity and self-doubt because it's a thing called The Human Condition and none of us can escape it but it is a humbling and beautiful thing." "Confidence feels like shit because when you go to do something air quotes "confident", you're moving through yucky emotions, like self-doubt, fear, looking stupid, messing up, having people say stuff about you or getting you wrong." - Erika Cramer "You have to move through all of that and then you finally do the thing, and you nail it and you're like, 'yes. I'm amazing' for one second, but you forget all the shit you had to go through to feel amazing, to feel deep-rooted confidence," Erika concluded. How to be confident during a global pandemic Erika explained that "as much as this year has been hard to navigate, we weren’t able to hide from ourselves. We can be our worst enemy and our minds consume us with how we’re not good enough, how life is horrible or we can just be numb, working and busy all the but. But 2020 has forced us to look in the mirror and do the inner work." "We’ve been locked at home and it’s really showed us a lot of things we hadn’t taken the time to look at. Maybe you’re in the wrong relationship or you hate your job or maybe you want to live somewhere else, and we haven’t been able to hide from that." "Our hearts and souls are trying to get out attention which can be uncomfortable because it can come from a place or anxiety, depression or fear and in the past, we’ve been able to shove those emotions down and keep going because life distracts us, but 2020 was a loud knock on the door. Taking the time to do the inner work in 2020 is what will make us more confident in who we are and what we truly want from life." How to genuinely connect with other women "One of my favourite messages to receive is a woman straight-up fangirling, sending voice messages basically like, “hey can we be friends because I think you're cool”. Reach out and ask her to be your friend as a heartfelt, soulful person, and work on building genuine connections." Erika's top tips for connecting with others and getting their attention: Genuinely like them Care about them and their work Take an interest in them and what they're doing Whenever you do spend time on social media, spend time on their account instead of just mindlessly scrolling Add value to their lives Listen to their stuff, comment, share and like it! "You will become engraved in their subconscious so you will become familiar to them, then when you ask them "Hey would you mind..." they don’t mind giving you something back. But you have to add value first before you ask for anything in return." Self-love and acceptance When asked about her self-love journey Erika says, "when it comes to practising self-love, I love listening to Byron Katie because she talks about the monkey mind and questioning what you think." "It’s realising that the things you think are just a thought and you’re not your thoughts. Doing the mindset work and moving through who I am and who I’m not, has allowed me to not believe anything negative I think about myself or my work." "I openly talk about the fact that I love my stomach but right now, I don’t love how it looks. I’ve had two kids and a hernia so it’s a weird situation and I’m all about loving yourself but the reality is when I go to the beach I would love for it to be flatter. So how do we appreciate our body and want to change it with love versus hating it and wishing the thing that I hate would do what I want?" "I’m able to understand that I’m not my body or my physique, it’s apart of me but you are so perfect and so amazing as you are and shift and change and ask yourself what’s important to you and really have boundaries for people and your self-love going to the next level." "Self-love not about having a bath and doing your nails, that’s wellness which is great but self-love is loving yourself when you mess up, when you get it wrong when you’re in the pitt of shit, can you love your mistakes because that is self-love". Confronting your ego When asked what she's had to overcome on her journey, Erika says that "a massive learning experience in my journey has been realising that I need to get over always needing to be right. I used to always think I’m right and they’re wrong, I need to win because I’m a Gemini and I’m very quick on my feet usually but I’ve learnt how to allow myself to be wrong and let my ego take a back seat". "Realising how I had to have the last word and prove my point or punish my toddler when he was doing something wrong, like what is that about?" "The more I've challenged my ego, the more I’ve noticed my spicy Latina ass started to calm down and instead of always being right I allow others to have the last word and believe what they want because we’re all on our own journey." Access our Free Confidence Boosting Resources As a confidence coach, I wanted to create several FREE resources that will get you on your way to boosting your confidence today! — Gain Instant Access — Work With Me #confidence #confidenceinbusiness #confidencefeelslikeshit #confidencebook #erikacramer #queenofconfidence #bodyimage #selflove #mentalhealth #lifecoach #personaldevelopment

    • 60 Body Positive Accounts to Follow that will Diversify Your Instagram Feed in 2021

      Our Instagram feeds can be a place of discovery, learning, inspiration and empowerment. A place to share stories, find connection and community or, a place of anxiety, depression, negative body image and comparison. I know we can't control everything we see online, trust me, I get that BUT we choose who we follow and therefore what appears in our Instagram feeds. As a confidence coach, I get asked a lot "why is social media (Instagram in particular) so bad for our confidence?" My response is, Instagram is a tool that we can use to empower or debilitate us —depending on how we use it. As a coach, I help my clients take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, words and actions because we can not control other people and what they share but we can only control our reaction to them. We need to learn how to stop blaming others and learn how to empower ourselves — take care of YOU! Use the power of intention to feel calm and confident. When we take responsibility for our lives we step into a place of calm confidence. We feel calm because we are in control of ourselves and can choose how to respond. My experience with social media My feed was filled with "perfect" bodies, constant holidaying, face tuned skin and airbrushed lives that made me feel extremely insecure and in a place of lack. And no wonder! I fell into the comparison trap of comparing my real life to someone else's highlight reel. I knew it made me feel bad but it was some kind of guilt tactic to make myself lose weight or "fix" who I was. You can read more about my story here but it was extremely negative and unhealthy. Come to the positive side of Instagram Unfollowing the negativity will be one of the most liberating things you could do for yourself. On the positive side of Instagram, we have community, inclusion and diversity. We have creatives, independent thinkers, activists, poets, coaches, educators, truth and justice seekers who are changing the world we live in. We have representation that will not only diversify your feed but encourage personal growth. Over the past couple of years, I've made a conscious effort to scroll with the intention to unfollow accounts that make me feel negative, self-conscious or unhappy while finding/following accounts that educate, uplift and spread self-love and happiness. Below are just some of those life-changing accounts. Click to follow @bodyimagemovement @danaemercer @lizzobeeating @thebirdspapaya @ariellanyssa @jess_megan_ @zoechinloy @bopopeaches @alexlight_ldn @wheelchair_rapunzel @notyourordinarymama_ @meg.boggs @ameniesseibi @bodyposipanda @missesbrielle @ageisbeauty @mariathattil @christie.valdiserri @tashncube @tanayedubz @jessvanzeil @halima @hyunjoo_hwang @ashleygraham @bren_hucks @gessflyy @nonairbrushedme @nonairbrushedamber @jessica.kostiw @isabelladavis6 @goodnessgracie__ @shani.chantel @jessiabass @bybrookelindsay @anadiasphotography @thequeenofconfidence @shareefa_j @leahelleloves @tofacetheworld @bybellareeves @i_weigh @jameelajamilofficial @lovingmydots @turiapitt @maryscupofteaa @stefania_model @jessraeking @jessicaemilyquinn @sar.ra__ @akua.larbi @florencgiven @realchelseabear @ddlovato @summerluk @fatstimbo @bren_hucks @selflovewithloren @iamdaniadriana @feminist @karinairby Access Free Confidence Boosting Resources As a confidence coach, I wanted to create several FREE resources that will get you on your way to boosting your confidence today - just like this article! — Gain Instant Access — Work With Me #confidence #socialmedia #normalisingallbodies #bodyimage #confidencecoach #personaldevelopment #selflove

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    • About Me | Brooke Lindsay Confidence Coach

      HEY LOVELY! ​ My name is Brooke, and I'm a Confidence Coach helping women re-train their brain to ditch the negative self-talk and beliefs that no longer serve them. My mission is to help you step into your power, learn to love yourself and embody the confident woman you can be. ​ But to do that there is some unlearning to do... ​ Are you ready? Scroll down. ​ My Mission My mission is to empower women and amplify their voices which is exactly what I do with my 1:1 clients and podcast. I help them build deep-rooted confidence that no one can mess with. "But Brooke, what is confidence really?" I hear you ask. ​ Great question! Confidence is a feeling of security within one's self — it's really as simple as that. And what if I told you that you already have everything you need to become more confident, there's just one thing missing... The right and the tools to get you there! MINDSET ​ Being confident is far from easy, but if you're fed up with feeling insecure, and you're ready to do the work, then it's time to take action and reaching out for guidance. Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied

    • Brooke Lindsay | Confidence Coach for Women

      WOMEN CAN RULE THE WORLD. ALL YOU NEED IS CONFIDENCE! Featured In WELCOME LOVELY! My name is Brooke, and I'm a confidence coach and positive body advocate dedicated to supporting women in practising self-love, reclaiming their confidence and accepting their bodies. My mission is to empower women and amplify their voices which is what I do with my and through my podcast. You may have seen me The Daily Mail, Boss Lady Magazine, or as a Top 10 Confidence Coach in Yahoo Finance. 1:1 clients featured in I know what it's like to go through trauma, I've experienced unhealthy relationships, an eating disorder, loss, a near-death car accident and seeking validation in all the wrong places. Over the last five years, I've created a life built on my passion for continued growth, personal healing and helping others do the same. I mentor women who struggle with their confidence and have suffered similar life experiences to me. I’m here to remind you that you can put on a fabulous new dress and still hate what you see in the mirror — confidence and self-acceptance is an inside job. I can help you build deep-rooted confidence that no one can mess with but YOU have to want it and be willing to show up for yourself. MORE ABOUT ME THE PODCAST is designed to challenge our old ways of thinking and highlight women paving the way for body positivity, worthiness and self-care. The Modelling Confidence Podcast LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE 1:1 MENTORSHIP Unleash your inner with my 1:1 Private Mentorship — the ideal way to fast track your personal development journey, gain clarity, self-belief, take action and so much more! Confident Queen JOIN 1:1 WITH BROOKE OUR COMMUNITY Our online who are challenging our old ways of thinking and pushing back against society's "standards". Join our community and redefine what beauty means to you. Community of Women JOIN PRIVATE GROUP ON THE BLOG 4 days ago 6 min Confidence Feels Like Sh*t with Erika Cramer aka The Queen of Confidence I am still in shock that Erika Cramer aka The Queen of Confidence is this week's podcast guest. I have so much gratitude for our communit... Write a comment Nov 19 2 min 60 Body Positive Accounts to Follow that will Diversify Your Instagram Feed in 2021 Our Instagram feeds can be a place of discovery, learning, inspiration and empowerment. A place to share stories, find connection and com... Write a comment Nov 16 3 min Normalising All Bodies on Social Media with Isabella Davis This weeks podcast guest is Isabella Davis, a body-positive advocate who is making waves in the body image movement on Instagram with ove... Write a comment Receive Empowering Emails from me! Subscribe to receive free resources, tools and tips for boosting your confidence, self-love and more! SUBSCRIBE Thanks for subscribing friend, speak soon! We respect your privacy, unsubscribe at any time.

    • Featured In | By Brooke Lindsay

      FEATURED IN PODCASTS Being A Whole Lot of Woman with Brooke Lindsay Through her content creation process, Brooke inspires women to feel confident in their body, life and business by building deep-rooted confidence that no one can mess with. ​ Listen to my chat with Alexandrea below! LISTEN Building Confidence In Your Business with Brooke Lindsay In today’s episode, I am chatting with Brooke Lindsay all about helping women build more confidence in their businesses and bodies. ​ Listen to my chat with Sera below! LISTEN Unlocking Your Inner Confidence with Brooke Lindsay Finding true confidence from within often requires a little more than just the "be confident" or "fake it till you make it" motto's we keep telling ourselves. Brooke explains that it is about going deep within ourselves to understand who we are and what we value. ​ Listen to my chat with Georgina below! LISTEN How to Love Yourself while Building a Brand with Brooke Lindsay Brooke is passionate about helping women learn to step into their power, build their confidence and learn to love themselves, both inside and out. ​ Listen to my chat with Erin below! LISTEN Self Love Club Podcast with Brooke Lindsay After much success in the modelling industry, Brooke's aim is to empower women to love the skin they're in and to feel proud being themselves. ​ Listen to my chat with Jenna below! WATCH Body Confidence with Brooke Lindsay Brooke is doing amazing things in the body positivity sphere helping women to retrain their brain, ditch the negative self-talk and help them step into their power. ​ Listen to my chat with Ri below! LISTEN How to Love Yourself to the Core with Brooke Lindsay In this episode, I chat with confidence coach Brooke Lindsay about how to be more confident and practise self-love. ​ Listen to my chat with Alexandra below! LISTEN Self Love & Body Image with Brooke Lindsay Brooke’s story as a model relates to all of us who have ever felt like we needed to change our body due to societal pressures. She shares how she changed her mindset to love her body as it is while thriving in the industry. ​ Listen to my chat with Rachel below! LISTEN

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