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Love on the Fields: Our Romeo and Juliet-Inspired Love Story and Mountain Top Proposal

Who wants to hear our proposal story? Of course you do, that's why you're here!

So gather around, friends, and let me tell you about the time my sneaky partner, Tazz, proposed to me.

It all went down on a sunny day in February 2017 when we were living it up in Japan. We'd been dating for four years, and while we had looked at rings, I had no idea what Tazz had in store for me.

But let me rewind and tell you about how we first met in 2012. Picture this, it's Tazz's 24th birthday, it was a sweltering hot day in the fields, and Tazz was sweating buckets. But then, like a mirage in the desert, he spotted me in what he called my disco pants (a.k.a. my hi-vis), and his heart skipped a beat.

Unfortunately, I couldn't remember his unique name when I tried to find him on Facebook, but thankfully Tazz added me, and our Facebook messaging began.

Despite our five-year age gap, I felt immediately comfortable talking to this man. We spent three months working together during harvest, stealing glances and shy smiles from tractor to forklift.

Our love story had a Romeo and Juliet vibe but without the tragic finale, as our families ran competing businesses. Despite the hurdles and challenges, we clung to the deep connection that initially brought us together.

But like all good things, our time together ended when Tazz left for England for nine months. When he returned, he knew he had to have me (I mean dah), and he followed me to Melbourne, where I was studying at Deakin (which he adamantly denies).

Fast forward four years to our 2017 Japan trip, we had been exploring and having one of the best holidays we'd ever experienced from exploring Tokyo city, Disneyland, the Golden Pavilion, Universal Studios and snowboarding, not to mention falling in a creek, but that's another story.

As soon as we arrived at Mt. Fuji, I was excited to see that we would be staying at a swanky hotel instead of roughing it at backpackers like we had been doing the entire trip. I'm all for being one with nature, but a girl needs her luxuries too! And don't even get me started on the incredible (and naked) onsen experience.

We decided to hop on electric bikes and explore the region. But leave it to me to ruin the romance by throwing a rock in the water and scaring my man off while he was scouting for locations. Oopsie!

Even after a long day of activities, he was still determined. He suggested we take a gondola ride up Mt Kachi Kachi for a breathtaking view, and boy, was he right!

The scenery was so stunning that I almost forgot about my aching legs. But Tazz wasn't satisfied with just a good view. He wanted to hike higher up, away from all the people. My first thought was, "is he crazy?" but he gave me that encouraging speech, "When will you ever be here again to see this view?" And I couldn't argue with that.

As we were taking in the gorgeous scenery, he proposed walking even higher up the mountain for an even better view. I couldn't believe it, was he a mountain goat?!

As we walked through the forest, Tazz asked me to turn around so he could take some pictures of me walking away, nothing out of the ordinary, but when I turned back around, I was met with the sight of Tazz on one knee, holding out a ring and asking me to marry him!

Despite not being able to see past my tears and being speechless for a moment, I managed to ask, “Really” to which Tazz said, “Yes” tearing up, I then realised this was for real and managed to get out, “Ok” to which he replied, "Thank you".

The moment was special, and it will forever remain etched in my memory.

But the surprises didn't end there, friends. Not that it's about the ring but boy, Tazz had picked out the most gorgeous ring for me. Even though we had looked at rings together, he picked the perfect one all by himself and managed to keep it a surprise. I absolutely adore it to this day.

So, that's the tale of how Tazz dropped the knee, and I said "ok" and our love is still burning hotter than a habanero pepper even after all these years.

As always, until next time, keep shining like the sprinkle-covered donut you are, and do-nut forget to love and appreciate every curve, freckle or stretch mark on your beautiful body.

Your self-lovin' sista,

Brooke 🍩✨


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