Unleash Your Inner Confidence!

Unlock your inner confidence and build upon your self-love and self-worth in this 3 month 1:1 Private Mentorship.


1:1 coaching is an ideal way to fast track your personal development journey, gain clarity, self-belief, take action and so much more!


Want to know more about how I can help YOU take control of your life and learn to love yourself?

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Boost your self-esteem, confidence & make a positive change in your life!

Would you like to stop...


  • The negative self-talk?

  • Feeling like there is a target on you back?

  • Comparing yourself to others?

  • Saying "No" to new (aka scary) opportunities?

  • Hating what you see in the mirror?


Would you like to start...


  • Putting yourself first?

  • Being excited about life and your future?​

  • Feeling like a strong, confident and beautiful woman?

  • Helping others?

  • Working with someone who believes in you?


If so, then you need to develop the right mindset and belief in yourself.


That's where I can help!

Brooke Lindsay,

Top 10 Confidence Coach - Yahoo Finance

My mission is to Empower Women

and Amplify their Voices!


Hey, hey! I'm Brooke, a confidence coach and your no-bullshit best friend!


I help women retrain their brain to ditch the negative self-talk and beliefs that no longer serve them.


My mission is to help you step into your power, learn to love yourself and embody the confident woman you want to become. I know what it's like to feel like you've lost your sparkle in life.


I used to hate the way I looked. I felt lost, inadequate, I had a terrible body image and to top it all off an eating disorder. With the right tools, support and my determination to turn things around I've been able to take back control of my life!


I've built a successful career, my partner and I have built our dream home here in Melbourne and there is so much to look forward to in the future. My mission is to help other women do the same.


You are the only one responsible for giving yourself the life you want, but, I can help you achieve it.


I will keep you accountable for your goals, be your biggest cheerleader and teach you the tools in a way that is positive, honest and direct.


What We'll Work On

Depending on your needs and goals, I will help you decide what we should focus on.

Creating a new way of thinking

In life, we must be willing to learn and develop new ways of thinking.


Be ready for new thoughts, concepts and perspectives to gain clarity around your negative habits and damaging stories that society has conditioned you to believe.


We'll work on breaking down walls so you can see confidence in a new light and learn the techniques to create more of it in your life.

Increased Confidence and Self-Belief

Becoming confident means you have to trust and believe in yourself and your abilities.


I will help you reach your goals faster by helping you become more self-aware and unapologetically yourself.


Our fun and helpful regular sessions will help keep you focused and ACCOUNTABLE for your goals and bigger vision!

Visualising and Taking Action!

It's time to stop doubting yourself and to start taking action.


You will learn how to visualise your highest self and your future to start living a life that you love.


We will begin to create a new vision for your future based around your new relationship with yourself and your journey to self-love and confidence.


Once you have learned your new confidence techniques we'll get you into action faster than you could alone.

Ready to get started?

Choose a coaching package that's right for you!

Clarity Call


  • Still unsure? Let's see if we're a good fit to work together! Schedule a Free 30 minute Clarity Call with me


  • We will determine what you need help with and how I could best serve you


  • Calls are held via ZOOM video chat at a time that suits you


  • Click below to fill out the pre-call questionnaire to be completed so that our call is entirely focused on moving you forward​

Confidence Reset Session

$85 per session (AUD)

  • 1 x 60min Session (90min for our first call together)


  • We will focus on a specific struggle that you want to learn how to overcome to build your self-esteem and confidence


  • Session is held via ZOOM video chat at a time that suits you


  • Pre-session questionnaire to be completed so that our sessions are entirely focused on moving you forward​


3-month Confidence Coaching Bundle

$399 total (AUD)

  • 6 x 45 min Sessions (the first session is 60mins followed by 5 x 45min fortnightly sessions)


  • We will dive deep into the root cause of your struggles. We'll discuss any confidence, body image or self-worth struggles you're facing with the right action steps, accountability and encouragement from me to boost your confidence & start on your self-development journey


  • Sessions are held via ZOOM video chat at a time that suits you​


  • Unlimited WhatsApp or email access in between sessions for support

What People Say


I've been struggling with my body image and mental health in general. I've received so many tools to combat all the things I've been struggling with lately and Brooke has given me the inspiration to start looking at other things to improve on too.


I seriously can't put into words how much she has been helping me! It's like she's the big sister I never had who's teaching me now to be a better person and looking out for me when I haven't been looking out for myself. 


Talking to Brooke honestly just feels like chatting with a close friend.
Last week I literally spent 20 minutes sitting on my bed unable to move because I was completely paralyzed by my inability to make a decision.


I struggle with taking action but after our chats, I feel so motivated and believe in myself and my ability to start taking messy beautiful action.