Hello lovely,


My name is Brooke, and I'm a Confidence Coach helping women re-train their brain to ditch the negative self-talk and beliefs that no longer serve them.


My mission is to help you step into your power, learn to love yourself and embody the confident woman you want to become.

But to do that there is some unlearning to do...

Are you ready? Scroll down.

My Mission

What if I told you that you already have everything you need to be confident, there's just one thing missing...


The right MINDSET!

If you're fed up with feeling negative or hating your body then it's time to take action and make some change in your life. It's about making small changes every day that will make a BIG IMPACT on your life.

About Me

As women, we experience societal pressures every single day. From the time we are little girls, we are made to believe that our worth is tied to how we look.

Growing up, I was always very sporty and loved competing with the boys, being the fastest, the tallest and the strongest. It wasn't until I became a teenager that all of the things I loved about myself, I started to despise. I went from a strong, outspoken and confident girl to a demure and submissive young women.

Growing up, I wanted to be an actress and was told to start modelling first. After winning a modelling competition in my home town, I was told by multiple scouts and agencies "you would be a great model, you just have to lose weight off your thighs." As you can imagine, this is heartbreaking to a young girl and unfortunately I became obsessed with trying to lose weight.

I formed a toxic relationship with my body which included an unhealthy, obsessive relationship with food. Which eventually led to an eating disorder. I was stuck in an endless cycle of self-sabotage and hatred and so I asked for help.

I decided that my mental and physical health wasn't worth that dream, BUT once I changed my mindset something happened...


I realised I COULD do what I loved without having to change who I was.

Now, I'm a part time curve model and successful career woman who helps other women do what I've done. Learn how to STOP the negative self-talk and self-hatred and start evolving into the confident, successful and fulfilled women they want to be.

If your inner child is wounded, it's not your fault. Diet culture and society, in general, lead us to believe that we are not good enough, but it's time to change that narrative because YOU are worthy!

It's time to put your time and energy into the things that will change your life and make you happy.

Are you ready to make a change? Let me help you reclaim your power!

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Let's Talk About YOU!

Have you been telling yourself, 


"I don't have enough time for self-care" OR "working on myself is not a priority"?


You don't have time not to work on yourself.


  YOU are your greatest investment!  


THIS IS URGENT! How much time will we continue to waste worrying about how we look and not how we feel, comparing ourselves to others or focusing on the negatives?


Let me help you make effective use of your time by shifting your mindset, working on yourself and achieving your goals.


Because you CAN learn to accept and even love every part of yourself, inside and out. You just have to be willing to start. 


If you're ready to pursue self-love, happiness, fulfilment and peace of mind then let's do this!